Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Goin' Fishin'!!!

Jake posing with Snapper

I had the unique (for me) opportunity to go fishing in Whitianga. Mark, an avid recreational fisherman from Auckland, took me and a couple other people out to the bay just 100 meters from the Cat's Pyjamas during low tide on Monday.

We had decided to have a barbecue that night anyway and thought that we could add fish to the menu.
Bbq for a night of decadent eating

I had originally decided not to fish, but instead do the recording and picture-taking, but Mark easily convinced me to take a stab at it and within 10 minutes, I caught my first fish!

Video of the fish I caught!

Beeming 'bout my Snapper!

Oh my god, I was so excited! It was a snapper. I was ecstatic. About 20 minutes later, Katie also caught a snapper...
Katie kissing her snapper

...and we headed back to the Cat's Pyjamas, having gotten cold out there. Mark stayed out a bit longer and came back with two more.

Kissy-kiss with the fish

He then filleted them, with Sue's son Jake looking on and cooked half of the fish crumbed and half with salt and pepper. It was one of the most delicious fish dishes I've ever had. Hmmm...I wonder why???

Below is a video of the filleting. If you have the "guts" to watch it, I think it's pretty cool.


jadiknight said...

Shouldn't you, like, chop their heads off right away, instead of enjoying torturing them?!

Anyway, I'm being a total hypocrite. I'm off in a hour for all you can eat sushi... sigh :(

L said...

I didn't enjoy torturing them! According to the fish expert, Mark, the best way was to kill them by piercing their brains with a knife. I guess he didn't chop their heads off because we were in the middle of the water and it would have been a bit difficult. Directly after filming the video, he killed it with the knife.

I hope you loved the sushi! I miss my sushi place on Parc. Mmmm...can't wait to eat there again and you'll be my date. It's decided!

jadiknight said...

Sounds like a plan! let me know when I should book a reservation :) And I'm glad you're not a fish torturer :P