Friday, January 22, 2010

Paua...a follow-up

I never showed you the inside of a paua shell. They use these in New Zealand for all sorts of things. First, to eat the flesh inside (refer to entry in Stewart Island), but then also for making jewelry, decorating furniture or walkways and for ashtrays (though that's kind of a shame because you hide its beauty.

I ate from this shell and kept it as a souvenir.


Giselle said...

hi Leita from Giselle & Graham at Marama, we have just spent a wee while enjoying your BLOGs and your Marama videos! They are great, thanks for sharing them.
We hope your family is OK after the earthquake, and sorry we have not been in touch before now.
Hope INdia is amazing, G&G :-)

L said...

Hello to you two! Sorry for the very, very late reply. I hope you are doing well and that Marama is still running smoothly. Take care!