Friday, December 19, 2008

Cherry Picking

About a month after asparagus had begun, I was lucky enough to get to do some cherry picking. It's really fun because you get to eat as you go and what can be better than that, right?
Below you will see how it's done.

The trickiest part is the use of the aluminum ladders. Once you're on top and have to lean over to grab the cherries that are just out of reach, you risk falling off. Though these ladders are quite stable and have spikes on the bottoms to properly grip the ground, if you put too much weight on one side, it starts to topple over. Thankfully I didn't fall, though my boss did. I saw her begin to scream and looked over only to watch her literally fall through the trees. Luckily she was okay. It was really scary and I made sure to get properly balanced each time I got up there.
The cherries were delicious!
Part 1: The Orchard

Part 2: How to pick cherries

Part 3: Using the basket



Tijana said...

Cool! As the second (already!) tempest of the season is upon us, and there's close to a meter of snow in the back yard, it's refreshing to see you pick and eat cherries :-). And remember, the darker the chirries, the bitter!

P.S. I do have to say: the x-mas lights are super lovely in the neighbourhood right now. In fact, we've got a few clumps on the trellis above the picnic table, and they almost look like fruits hanging from some weird snow trees...

L said...

I don't envy you the cold or the snow, I have to say, though it is beautiful to see a newly blessed earth, untouched by dirty boots and tires. There is a romance to a snowy Christmas that you don't get in countries such as this and Haiti.

Instead, we had sun and it was nice and warm out. I couldn't complain though.

No Christmas decorations for me, but there were enough movies on TV to make me feel like Christmas!