Sunday, December 28, 2008

Peach Thinning

So along with the picking, came the thinning. The concept of thinning is to reduce the number of fruit along a branch in order to get bigger and healthier fruit. Quality over quantity. It was fun, but I did notice a discernable irritation to the neck and crease of the arms. I think it was the fuzz from the peaches that irritated my skin. It went away as soon as I showered.

Below, a demonstration of how to thin.


Tijana said...

Beautiful peaches!

Also: thanks a lot for the card! It arrived yesterday and made my day. I wish you a wonderful year, wherever you end up, and I hope we're always in touch.


rita maselli said...

Leita, I love the videos because even though they take a long time to buffer and so things are chopped up, still I can hear your voice and so I feel like i'm there with you. Gasser says we have the same laugh...

L said...

Hey T!

Glad you got the card. My dad got his 2 months after I sent it! Must have been a similar thing for you. Can't say I'm impressed with the speediness of the postal system here, but at least everyone gets their stuff...eventually. Happy new year to you too, lady!


Thanks for the taking the time to write some comments. It means a lot. I love the video feature. It's fun for me, though I am far from really knowing what I'm doing. Never thought about the laugh. I'd have to hear a recording of us both.