Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fothergills on Mimiha

Fothergills on Mimiha (view from the top of the mountain;Pacific Ocean in the distance)

Night Sky

View from Main House (wisteria hanging)

I arrived in this little paradise of a place on September 5th. I had found it on the internet. Beverly Fothergill, one of the hosts, seemed like such a nice woman and something just told me to go for it. It would stretch my budget quite a bit, but I needed the rest, the peace and the quiet.

Cows Grazing in the paddock next to the cottage

Here are my first impressions...

I haven't been sleeping well; stress I imagine. After a month of rest, I'm starting to do better. I am free. I keep having to remind myself of this fact. For the first time, I am truly free and it's hard to believe it still. It's like a caged bird that won't fly away after the cage has been open. We learn to keep ourselves within the confines of what has been set up for us. I'm slowly stepping outside and though it can be scary at times, it's more excited than scary.

The first week at the cottage, I focused on sleeping, eating and looking outside, spending time in the biting spring wind, but enjoying every moment of it. The cottage sits in a valley, each day new leaves open, new colors appear and birds shout across the distance at each other. I love the sounds of new birds; I wish I could know what was singing what.

In the evenings, the sun would kiss the mountains with a yellow glow and everything would soften. I felt cocooned in the warmth of that scene.

After about a week, I decided to take Bev and Hilton up on their offer to help out in the garden. I wanted to do something physical, something outdoors; I wanted to feel useful. So I was put to work helping Hilton put mulch (or compost) on the gardens. And they have tons. My only regret is not having been there in the summer, when all of the roses are in bloom.

Me (in work overalls!) and Hilton

It wasn't hard work, but it could build up a sweat. What I loved most was seeing exactly what I had done. Standing back and seeing the progress I had made. This is why I came to New Zealand. I want to work my body. I want to see the fruits of my efforts. I really want to build a house, but that will be unlikely.
Hilton actually let me drive it!

After helping out a couple times a week, I felt good, like I had contributed to something bigger than me. I helped those plants; simple yet fulfilling.

Max and Moe

At night I would read, do Su Doku, crossword puzzles or watch some TV. It was a good month. A much-needed month. And for that, I thank Korea and the time I spent there. Without Korea, I would not be able to be doing what I'm doing now.

And thank you to Bev and Hilton Fothergill. They gave me just enough attention and left me alone just enough for me to accomplish the goals I had for the month.

Bev and Hilton Fothergill


alowenthal said...

Ok can we say PARADISE!!! I say you stay there..let me save up, get imani and i a ticket and we'll come join you in the cottage, we'll stay in the bunk bed room and learn to grow our own food...chill out and home school him... lol...whaddayathink???

L said...

I so wish we could do that, let me tell you. And the owners were so nice, it was like a home away from home and they were like benevolent parents, super caring and Bev like a little mother hen. I was really spoiled!

You and Imani would love it here! We'll have to do some thinking about possible trips for us in the future. I'm sure we can work something out. We gotta!

JSA said...

I don't get used to using this blog.
It's kind of difficult to leave a comment.. --;;
But!! I'm so~~~~ooo patient! finaly I got it!
(Hmm...Am I an idion???)
Now I know how to leave my track.
I'll often leave comments.

L said...

Thanks lady! I'm glad you stayed patient. I don't know any idiots who are my friends so you're out of luck! I hope to keep hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

You call me idiot. Aue!

L said...

A term of endearment my dear!