Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ohope Beach

On two of our weekly stints into Whakatane for groceries, Bev and Hilton (each one took me out once) took a little detour and showed me the view from the top of the mountain separating Whakatane from Ohope.
Ohope is known for it's great surfing beaches. In fact, they can teach you surfing there. The views from the top of the mountains are wonderful. Take a peek!

Several kilometers worth of surfable ocean (did I ever mention that I tried surfing once in Australia and managed to stay on the board for over a second?! Pretty great, huh?)

The natural ways of the world...driftwood and wild flowers

Ohope beach close-up

People were surfing in the distance. It was really cold that day and I was wearing a jacket, jeans, tennis shoes and a toque. Some of the girls were in bikinis! Crazy!

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