Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Pacific Ocean

A stone's throw away from Mimiha cottage, the Pacific Ocean roars. At times, standing outside of the cottage, I could catch the distant crash of waves on the shore. A short 5 minute walk down the hill and I was greeted by the incredible blue wild ocean.

Mimiha River letting out on the Pacific Ocean

Rain in the distance

Capture the sights and sounds of the Pacific. It was a beautiful day, that day.

It is still spring here, so I have had to stay quite warm to keep out the threat of a cold. I've been lucky so far. Anywhere by the sea there is a cold wind, sometimes strong enough to push you along, tired with you standing around. I could hear it say: "No Loitering!"

Funny little birds called Oyster Catchers (their beaks and feet are bright fluorescent orange)


Tijana said...

This place (meaning, New Zealand) is just amazing. The pictures are stunning. It's paradise.... My favourite at this point: the rain in the distance! Keep posting!

L said...

Yeah! I can't complain about the scenery and the people are equally amazing. The only thing is that I'm constantly freezing! Can't wait for summer!