Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hot Water Beach

Today is Sunday. I'm going fishing this afternoon. Should be interesting! I arrived in the Coromandel, touted as one of the most beautiful spots in the North Island, on Tuesday and decided to stay here for a week in order to see things at my own pace.

Hot Water Beach

I met up with a couple cool cats from Canada and we went to Hot Water Beach together. Hot water beach is called this because there is a geothermal hot spot beneath the sand on the beach and if you dig into the sand, hot water will come bubbling up and you can make yourself a little pool and lay in it. What's funny is that the beach itself is really nice and big, but everyone is stuffed on one little piece of land about 10 meters long, all digging and sitting. It's quite funny actually. Didn't feel the need to do so, but did do a bit of spying and laughing.


Stefane beginning to dig

Below some vids on the process and whether we were able to find the hot water!
The digging process...gotta love having others do things while you watch along!

Wanted to see the boys' pain tolerance!

Let's see if I can beat the boys!

Prognosis of Hot Water Beach

I really burned my feet! It was crazy. You can imagine that we DID NOT sit in that pool! We opted to stand on the shore, the scalding water burning our feet and the relief felt whenever the waves came up and lapped around us. I think people must be masochists to lay in those pools. Or maybe we just hit a ridiculously hot patch...


skitsch said...

ahahahaha!wanna try it!I bet I can stand more than 5 seconds!

L said...

Impossible! When you come here in the future, find the hottest water, stand in it and video tape yourself. We'll compare!

stephan said...


finally visited your blog, sorry it took so long. Where are you these days? how did the video fro the best job in the world go?

gimme a shout

steph (can tolerate hot water better than thomas can) peterson

L said...

Good to see you here Stephan! Will send you an email soon. And yes, you can tolerate the heat way better than Thomas, but I still kicked your butt!

Job application almost done!

Thanks for asking.