Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Apartment in Hastings

I stayed at Rotten Apple Backpackers for a total of three weeks. I was foaming at the mouth by then and needed my own place. And since I had a job and could afford to move out, I did.

I was lucky enough to find a furnished studio on the edge of town, close to the Farmer's market, which sold fresh produce every Sunday. I loved to go there and buy fresh ingredients and support the local farmers. My boss had a stand there also, so I got to say hello and would get the occasional free fruit (cherries, Mmm....)

I paid $190 per week, which is not cheap, but given the fact that I paid $130 per week at the backpackers, this was a gift! I had my own TV, bathroom and kitchen and little patio as well as a pool to share with the other residents in the complex.

Below is a little tour of where I spent the last 2 months. Sorry, kept putting it off until the day I moved out, so it looks a bit bare, but you'll get the gist of it. I was happy here. And at peace from the hustle and bustle of the backpackers.

A little glimpse of the pool and some fun little visitors.

I left Hastings on January 9th. I'm now in Napier, but will be leaving tomorrow. I'm done with the sedentary life and back on the road; my wallet a hell of a lot lighter, but my energy high and my mind ready for new adventure. I'll keep you updated!

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