Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cuba St. Carnival

I arrived in Wellington on February 18th. It's crazy to think that I've been in one place for three months and that I've already spent almost 9 full months in New Zealand. Time really does fly by...
I stayed at a backpacker's for almost 3 weeks, going through the same shock that I had gone through in Hastings. I'm really not the backpacker type of person. For one or two days, fine, but not more than 3 weeks in any one place. It's just too much for me. Since then I've found an apartment in Newtown, a cool neighborhood not far from downtown Wellington. I live with two guys in a duplex. I'm currently working at the regional hospital, cleaning in the Neurosurgery ward. It's a trippy place and my favorite time is spent speaking to patients and their families. I'm learning a lot about the brain and getting lots of advice on where to visit in the South Island (I'll be heading there in July).
Anyway, on the weekend of my arrival in Wellington there was a Carnival happening called the Cuba St. Carnival. It's put on every other year. So it was just pure luck that I was there at the right time. I wanted to check out the Kiwi version of "Carnival". It was certainly really interesting! I had a great time just watching and listening to all kinds of music. I also watched the whole parade. I think it was the first time in my life that I saw a parade from start to finish. Yes, I was actually one of those sad people waiting at the barriers so that I good get a good view.
That night there was a Southerly wind blowing and though February is still technically summer, it felt like an early winter. It's funny, when in the Southern hemisphere, that you would be happy to get a Northerly rather than a Southerly, it just seems wrong somehow!
Enjoy the pics and vids below.

Actress promoting a play (Manners Mall)

Skeleton walking the streets (Courtney Place)

Graffiti artist painting a city bus (I have since seen this bus riding through the streets. It's really cool!)

Ecuadorian Native Americans putting on a show (did they wear this type of clothing in Ecuador? Hmmm....)

Body painting (all the women were topless and only had a thong underwear on. You wouldn't know!)

During the parade; a couple simulating a bathroom scene (not sure how this relates to Carnival, but whatever makes them happy!)
Below: an alien ship during the parade

Below: Caribbean and Korean Drummers

Below: Dam Native (Maori old-school band) concert

Below: A Reggae-ton band, The Jinteros

Below: Spandex-clad chicks doing a synchronized dance

Below: ballgowns and flowers

Hope you enjoyed the show!


Anonymous said...

Hey hon, it's me, Alena. I can't figure out what my original sign on name and password are so that's why I keep posted as anonymous...but I know you know it's me...LOL. What a strange parade. The combo of things was really interesting, from space ships to ballgown dancers. They really didn't seem to leave anything out. I like the reggae-ton band and the girl who's job it seemed just to dance around next to the lead all looked like lots a fun!

simon said...

Hi Simon here from Wellington Hospital, had a brief look at your blog and just started mine, be ok when I find my way around it.

L said...


The carnival was definitely a mish-mash of all things known to man. The chick in the reggae-ton band was a back up singer, but you didn't get a chance to hear her sing. I think she was mostly eye candy though! It was fun!

Hey Simon,

Nice to see you here. Checked your blog out a few weeks ago. Will do so again to see if you've put up any other pix. See you!