Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Surprises - Eating Worm

This really has nothing to do with New Zealand except for the fact that I experienced my first Tequila worm in New Zealand. Kia Ora!

p.s. It was crunchy because when we extracted the worms, we weren't quite ready to eat them and so put them in the fridge! Bloody amateurs!


Anonymous said...

Well you know I was gonna buy a bottle myself this weekend and give it a go, but then I thought...hmmm, tequila worm or sushi... and I just opted for the sushi...LOL...
I commend you on your adventurous palate. I def. would have helped you with the tequila...but you would have had to that worm all to yourself... :o)

jadiknight said...

Many moons ago, I tried the worm. But I only swallowed it as a pill, so I'm not sure it counts.

I have another mini bottle with a worm in it, sitting in my bar. I've stared at it many times, but haven't mustered the guts yet to do it :S The refraction of the light through the side of the glass makes it look 3 times as big. It's positively freaky.

Perhaps it'll still be waiting for us when you come back :) Fancy half a worm? I imagine on toast with brie and sundried tomato pesto.

L said...

Thanks babe! One worm was enough for me though. We'll have to have the bottle together and leave the worm to the earth! Maybe it'll grow us a tequila tree!

Hey Jad,

It doesn't count!

I'll have to be there to see you eat it next time. We'll have to dry it out in the fridge first so you have an inkling of the crunchiness I was talking about. Can't wait to see you squirm!