Wednesday, May 27, 2009



alowenthal said...

Are you able to travel with them? May you should bring one to Miami and we'll try and plant a tree? Get a new fruit going here...and make some $$$.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your Fejoa tasting, I think I like it. I could almost feel it in my mouth.

Tijana said...

hey! for some reason i can't download your vids at my dad's computer (still in belgrade; going back to montreal on june 23) but i've caught up with the last few written/photographed entries, and i just want to say that i am super impressed by the level of detail! do you take notes as things are happening???? and if not, how the hell do you remember everything, including words or concepts you didn't know before???? anyway, i realized (somewhat belatedly, i guess) that you will probably be using your last couple of blogs as a kind of portfolio for any journalistic plans -- no? i hope yes! it's good stuff! by the way, i'm very much looking forward to seeing you in january (is that what you wrote?)!!!!!!!!
lots of love,

L said...


Would love to bring some over but you know how the world has become anal about fruit and veggies! Alas, you'll just have to come here one day. When I get to Miami, we'll see if there are any international grocers who sell them. Doubt it though!


I think you would like it. It's a complex flavor. I hope you'll discover it one day. Perhaps I can bring back some feijoa jam!


Thanks for your words. I do hope to use this stuff for journalistic pursuits. Who knows what will happen? Some of the stuff I write down in my journal, some are by memory. The pictures and videos help to keep me in the moment, but I have my friend Shani pre-reading Maori related stuff to make sure I don't screw up! She's been a great help! Yes, mark your calendar for January. So looking forward to seeing you again!

Love you all!