Sunday, July 26, 2009

Milford Sound

I went on a full day tour of Milford Sound last Monday, the 20th of July (wow, it feels like so long ago, so much has happened since!). I was told it was one of the most beautiful places in the world. In reality, part of what made it so beautiful was the actual drive up there. We had a cool driver who stopped several times on the road to let us out and take pictures. It was a wonderfully sunny day.
First we stopped at a bird sanctuary, but in truth we only saw pukekos and takahes. I had never seen a takahe before so I was a little shocked to see the one below.

Below: Video of Alpine the Takahe

It's only after seeing her that I saw the sign that accompanied her.

I don't know if it made me feel better or worse! In any case, it certainly made me laugh. The way she's described is precious and true!

It was a very cold day!

As we drove along, we stopped at the Mirror Lakes, obvious name!

Mirror Lakes

Mirror Lakes

Before heading through the tunnel and then going downhill amongst beautiful mountains greeting us with tons of little waterfalls from snow melts, we met some keas, the world's only alpine parrots. They have no fear!

Below: Meet the keas!

Afterwards, we stopped at the Chasm, a short walk into the gorgeous rainforest.

Below: Vid of Chasm

By the time we got to Milford Sound, I was already full of the beauty and nature I had seen around me. The cruise was more like icing on the cake.

Below: The start of the cruise

Multi-colored stone deposits

Reminiscent of the Crossing

There are hundreds of waterfalls like this in the Sound

There are only about 30 sunny days in the Sound per year, so though it was sunny before we went through the tunnel, it was overcast by the time we got to the Sound
Fur seal diving

Can you spot the rock called Lizard Rock?

Below: Crazy captain and his sadistic obsession with the waterfall (I'm complaining because I was the stupid one who stayed outside the whole time and subsequently got wet!)

Haunting images in the water
Heading back

Below: Surprise in the water!

Below: A final farewell to Milford Sound

Hope you liked the tour!


Anonymous said...

Mirror Lake reminded me of some of the waters I traveled down in Guyana...while those were deep in the rainforest..the perfect reflections that the water cast was amazing!

You know I of all people saw Lizard rock IMMEDIATELY!!! lol


L said...

Congratulations my dear! You rock (with Lizard Rock...ha ha I know I can be a bit cheesefilled)! I wish I could have been in the rainforest with you in Guyana, but maybe we will get a chance to see the Amazon together (though I'm not holding my breath!).