Monday, August 24, 2009


Kaikoura is Maori for "The Eating of Crayfish" and is considered the crayfish capital of New Zealand. It is also known for being the primary whalewatching area in the country as all kinds of whales can be found here year-round. In addition, you have the multitude of other sea life to spot here, including dolphins and seals.

Wooden sculptures

One of the things I loved about this small town is the fact that you have the ocean at your doorstep and yet can see snow-capped mountains just above. It's really beautiful.

A park lined with whale bone

I did have my share of koura at a little stand an hour's walk away from town called Seafood BBQ. But I was so greedy and hungry, that I ate it before remembering to take a picture! Sorry! It was delicious though and a fraction of what restaurants were asking.

I also missed out on a chance to go whale watching. I was on standby. In the end they had 6 seats open and I was the 7th person on standby! It was not to be this time around. Perhaps it is just another sign telling me that I need to come back to this beautiful country!

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