Monday, August 17, 2009

Marama Farm - Scanning

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Anonymous said...

Man if I were that those sheep and preganant at that, with MORE than 1 baby, and it was cold and I was stuck in a gated area with dogs jumping on my back, I swear I'd have a holy break down and just go straight ghetto on someone..LOL.
"oh no you didn't! Bahhh bahhh!"


L said...

They did go ghetto on me and I had bruises to prove it! They would go all kamikaze and slam into the gates, trying with brute force to push the gate down and since I was the one holding the gate, I was often the one getting hurt (along with the sheep of course!)One time, I almost fell back and lost control of the gate as it bent halfway down to let the sheep through. That was one strong sheep. They don't look it, but man, if they have the motivation, they are killers!