Sunday, August 16, 2009

Marama Farm - Introductions to sheep farming

Mother and babe

To show you a little how a working farm functions, check out the videos! It was a cool learning experience, a little practice before the big scanning day.

Below: Introductions to Marama Farm

Early morning sky

Below: Part 2 of introductions

Below: Shepherding them through

Below: Going in circles

Below: Getting through...finally!

Below: Red Tussock


Anonymous said...

Oh man...those poor's amazing though how they literaly just follow one another isn't it...I swear I've lived parts of my life just like that...LOL... sometimes it's led me to the right padick(spelling?) and sometimes the wrong one for sure!!

L said...

Paddock! Yeah, you need to watch the most recent version of Charlotte's Web. Just saw it for the first time the other day and the way the sheep acted was just like in real life! They don't really think for themselves, but you do have leaders. Once one intrepid soul goes in one direction, the others will follow. Kind of funny! But they are quite cautious, too, so where you stand has a big impact on whether they feel comfortable enough to move forward.