Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oyster Catching

After going to Ulva Island, I had enough time to get some food before walking over to the boat where Jack was waiting with a bigger crew than I expected. Here's our day!

Jack at the wheel and Mark (or dingo, as some call him since he's from Australia)

Below: Introduction to oystering

Jack's boat

Below: pulling in the net

Some collateral damage; we threw them back into the sea

Hermit crab

An oyster!

Mollymawk (in the albatross family)

Gotta love this picture and the flaunting of authoritative signs!

Below: And now for the piece de resistence!

Later on, Maria and I (a girl I had met at the backpackers) were invited to Abel's place for Paua (abalone).

Paua is prepared in a special way. After taking it out of it's shell, you must pulverize it by beating it with a hammer or something hard to tenderize it. Afterwards you can slice it like below.

Below: Cooking up Paua

All in all a wonderful day! I love food!


Anonymous said...

Abel's he cooks...sweet. What did he say when you said that you like how a lot of men cook over there?
I couldn't hear his reason.

What is Paua again? a fish?
Are you learning how to cook in all of this? I expect some good meals when you return here to
Or are you only learning how eat good food...b/c if that's the case you may want to rethink staying with me... I cook for a 4 year old...lowered expectations ...young tastebuds..

L said...

Abel said that in New Zealand many men go out into the bush (into the wilderness) so they have to know how to cook. I think it's fantastic!

Paua is abalone, shellfish. Awesome shellfish. I did learn how to cook it though when I did cook it I forgot to tenderize it and it was rubbery and not nearly as good as what Abel did, but I console myself with the idea that I was inebriated at the time and had forgotten to tenderize it!

Don't worry about cooking! I'll be trying out some things on you and your little man. You can just come home and put your feet up!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just watched you eat the oyster. Which would you prefer..native Savage, or savage native. Im asking because you look like a Cuzzie HARD!! MAURI ORA! bih!!

L said...

Gotta love the savage native bei! It has a nicer tone to it. It kinda rolls off the tongue! Thanks for the compliment! Love!